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ellënoire's Ëaster Ëgg Hunt!

Worried that the Easter Bunny will leave you high and dry this year? Fear not because that big ol'bunny visited our shop and has left a trail of eggs for you to find! The first three people that follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and correctly locate all ten of the eggs hidden on our website will win an Easter prize pack loaded with a special selection of products from our delightful shop.  Once you've located all ten of the eggs, message us on the social media that you follow us on with the list of 10 products that you found the eggs on and we'll let you know if you're a winner! Ready? Here's your clues,...

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Winter Skin Got you Down?

Skin Care is like Painting a Room.... Yes, you read that correctly. Skin care, from scalp to toes is 80% planning & preparation plus 20% execution. Any good house painter will tell you that preparing your surface for your final planned coats is vital to a good finish. Do you have a skin care plan? Stay with me here... I'm not talking about layers and layers of ridiculous products like many brands on the market, I'm talking about two perhaps three products with a few changes for winter vs summer. Two Steps: exfoliate & moisturize. That's it... BUT, you've got to do it in that order.... slathering your skin with moisture is POINTLESS unless you exfoliate. It's like trying to paint...

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Say Hello to Hair Miles!

While some of you veteran ellënoire customers may be familiar with our tried and true "Buy-10 Get-1" loyalty program we are pleased to announce that we are re-launching it officially as Hair Miles!  What's changed?Aside from the name, nothing! Just get your fine curly self into our store and buy your favourite DevaCurl products here, or on our website, to accumulate credit towards a free bottle!   Over the next few weeks we'll be giving in store shoppers updated cards. If you are an online shopper we'll continue to track your hair miles for you.  Wait, FREE DevaCurl?!Yes! We really love our customers and salon clients and wanted to find a way to thank you for doing your shopping with us....

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