Leading Curly Hair Authority to Make Dundas Book Signing Appearance!

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Leading Curly Hair Authority to Make Dundas Book Signing Appearance!

Lorraine Massey, pioneer of the curly hair movement, best known for her first book Curly Girl: The Handbook, founder of New York City’s renowned Devachan Salons, and co-founder of DevaCurl products is making a special stop in the Hamilton area during an international tour in support of her next book: SILVER HAIR - A Handbook.

Lorraine will be visiting our salon (104 King St. West, Dundas, Ontario) for an exclusive meet and greet with book signing Friday June 22nd from 6-9PM. Tickets are available in advance at the salon or online at www.ellenoire.com for $8 each or with an autographed copy of SILVER HAIR for $30.

In SILVER HAIR, Lorraine Massey teaches readers to embrace their inner hue. While icons like Rihanna and Cara Delevigne have made fashion statements with silver hair, this book is a love letter to every woman who has ever considered embracing her natural silver color.

“We are incredibly exited to host one of Lorraine’s few Canadian book launch events. It’s been 9 years since she helped us open our very own specialized curly hair salon here in Dundas and we can’t wait to have her back!” says Noëlle Smith, proprietor of ellënoire since 1994.


A staggering 75 percent of women admit to dyeing their hair. A woman who colors her hair over the next four decades may shell out an estimated $70,000 in Los Angeles, $52,000 in New York City and Toronto, or $42,000 in Minneapolis–the equivalent to a down payment on a house!

SILVER HAIR addresses the many ways to go silver, along with an overview of the science behind this transformative process:

  • How to grow out the dye naturally, without any chemical assistance
  • Using highlights, lowlights, and toners to blend color
  • When to get a little help from silver color
  • The best cuts to help the process along
  • Tips on revitalizing wardrobe and makeup routines
  • DIY recipes, like Blue Dew Toning Hair Bath and “Berry” Effective Hair Tonic

Packed with indispensable tips and tricks on how to go silver, along with amazing stories of real women who tested out Massey’s various techniques for the book. Readers will meet Melissa, a manager at New York University whose incredible weight-loss journey gave her the confidence to let her silver hair shine through. Ivanna, a student, who at the age of four found her first silver hair, and today, at 20, is regularly stopped on the street by people who let her know her locks have inspired them to embrace their natural strands. Jennifer, a Marie Claire beauty editor who used genetics to her advantage and made her silver streak a signature beauty trait that is admired by all.

An insightful how-to guide from the woman who’s leading the silver hair movement strand by strand, SILVER HAIR gives women the power and freedom to let their natural light shine! 


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