Curly Hair Salon Services

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    • Our waiting area is in our hallway, it's not an appropriate place for young children
    • Masks are still required in the salon, if you do not have one, we will provide one for you.


    At ellënoire our goal is to make your natural hair texture look the best it can, naturally!

    You'll never see us reaching for tools such as combs, brushes and rollers or beat your hair up with blow-dryers and straightening irons. We are happy to cut, style and colour all hair types, but if you have hair that is anything other than stick straight, that is the texture we will work with and that is the texture you will leave with. If you are at all familiar with the DevaCurl products and “Curly Girl” techniques then that is what you can expect from our highly talented DevaCurl Academy Certified stylists.

    During your first “virgin” haircut appointment our stylist will take extra time to introduce you to our philosophy on hair and product use. You will not be expected to purchase the product we sell, but it does go hand in hand with the way we cut, cleanse & style hair.

    For all appointments that involve a detailed cut and/or colour consultation we require you to follow a few instructions for your appointment to go as smoothly as possible. We do all haircuts dry so these requests are vital for giving you the best cut possible for your natural texture.


    • Arrive for your appointment with your hair in its natural texture - curly or wavy - rather than straightened
    • Make sure your hair is 100% dry down to the root.
    • Ensure your hair is not pulled back or stretched out. This means NO: ponytails, clips, hats, headbands etc.
    • Remove all your knots and tangles from root to tip in the shower with conditioner 24 hours before your appointment. Do not try detangling your hair while dry on your way here!
    • Note that we are unable to accommodate baby strollers in our salon and unsupervised children under 5 years old at any time. If you choose to leave your child in our waiting area, please ensure you bring headphones for their electronic devices.

    For more information on how to care for your curly hair at home, get in touch with us and we can help! 

    Call today to book an appointment: 905.627.9379 or use our online booking pages here: 

    Existing Clients click here to Book our flagship salon in Dundas Ontario 

    All services over $25 require a $40 deposit payable in store, online 
    or via e-transfer (please use "curlyhair" as your password)
    For more details please see the Salon Policy at the bottom of this page. 


    Salon Service


    Virgin Haircut & Consult - For New Clients 100
    Vixen Haircut - For Existing Clients 95
    Oxygenation - An In Between Trim 25
    Wet to Set Teaching Service - No Cut 45
    Very Short Barbering Cut (up to 3" in length) - No Wash 30
    Very Short Barbering Cut (up to 3" in length) - With Wash 45
    Child's Cut (6 years old or under) - No Wash 27
    Child's Cut (6-10 years old ) - With Wash 45
    Tween Cut (10-12 years old) - With Wash 65

    All salon bookings over $25 require a $40 deposit - to pay your deposit please see the details at the bottom of this page.

    Service Description

    Virgin Haircut & Consult - $100

    For new first-time haircut clients who have never had a service with us: This premium service includes a consult, a haircut and full hair set with detailed education on how to use the curly products. You will leave with beautiful hair empowered with the knowledge of how to make it look the same at home.
    Minimum of 90 minutes, plan on 2 hours in the salon to accommodate drying time & extra questions

    Vixen Haircut & Set - $95

    Includes a consult, a haircut and full set for clients that have had either a “ellënoire Wet to Set” or a "Virgin Haircut”.
    Minimum of 90 minutes, plan on 2 hours in the salon to accommodate drying time & extra questions.

    Oxygenation Trim - $25

    A quick trim for regular clients who have already had a "Cut & Set" and just need a quick clean up in between haircuts to keep the hair looking it’s best. Only available within 16 weeks/4 months of a "Cut & Set".
    Approximately 15 minutes.

    The ellënoire Wet to Set - $45

    We wash, dry and style your hair so you'll learn hands on how to use the products. You will leave with beautiful hair empowered with the knowledge of how to make it look the same at home. Some clients will book the “Wet to Set” when they want their hair to be perfect for a special event.
    Approximately 60-90 minutes.

    The Dry Talk - Free!

    A conversation in store or over the phone about how to use curly products effectively, and in some cases a prescription for which items are best for your hair type/issues. This is free, requires no appointment and takes about 10 minutes.

    The Full Consult - Free!

    A chat with one of our stylists in store to introduce you to the our selection of curly products, “Curly Girl” techniques and how to best employ them in your personal routine for your specific curl type.
    Approximately 15 minutes.

    Other Services

    We also offer haircuts for men, children, full colour services, deep conditioning treatments and occasional visits from guest stylists with varying prices. Please ask when you book for pricing information regarding these services.

    Call or come in today to book your new curly look! 

    104 King Street W, Dundas, ON  905.627.9379 

    Salon Deposit Policy

    To book any appointment over $40 we will require a $40 deposit payable by: 

    • Purchasing this item on our site
    • Credit card over the phone
    • In person at the salon using cash, credit or debit. 
    • E-transfer - send to & use "curlyhair" as password
    • PayPal - send to  

    This amount will be subtracted from your total at the register after your appointment and maybe
    refunded if you cancel with 24 or more hours notice (this is at the discretion of the owner).