Winter Skin Got you Down?

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Winter Skin Got you Down?

Skin Care is like Painting a Room....

Yes, you read that correctly. Skin care, from scalp to toes is 80% planning & preparation plus 20% execution. Any good house painter will tell you that preparing your surface for your final planned coats is vital to a good finish. Do you have a skin care plan? Stay with me here... I'm not talking about layers and layers of ridiculous products like many brands on the market, I'm talking about two perhaps three products with a few changes for winter vs summer. 
Two Steps: exfoliate & moisturize. That's it... BUT, you've got to do it in that order.... slathering your skin with moisture is POINTLESS unless you exfoliate. It's like trying to paint a wall that has a chipped surface that needs sanding and priming. I don't care who made it, where you bought it or how much you paid for it, you're wasting your valuable money if you're using moisturizing skin care products if you haven't exfoliated the skin you're applying it to in weeks. 
 And please! Don't even get me started on the ridiculous amount of lotion people use in the winter. YIKES! Talk about pointless! 

Why does lotion suck in the winter? 
Lotion, by nature is made with roughly 50% water, the rest being mostly oils & other ingredients. 
What does that mean? Well, what happens to water outside in winter? It either evaporates or freezes right? 
That means that 50% of what you put on your face and hands this morning became basically useless before you swept the snow off your car. I'm willing to bet that many of you didn't bother to even put your gloves on to get that snow off did you? Eh? 
So? Let go of that bottle of mostly water and get into a jar of skin moisture that really works. You can use your fave lotions as maintenance after a few weeks of perfect exfoliation and deeper moisturizing habits.
 I dare you! Try my way for a few weeks and call me in spring when your skin is the best you've seen it in years. 

Steps to Fabulous Winter Skin? 
 1) Wash with a simple Body washor Superfatted natural soap
 Leave your deodorant soap, glycerine soap & " cleansing bars" for another time of year.
2) Exfoliate once or twice a week with a scrubby cloth of some sort or a simple sugar based scrub. You can use sugar scrubs with natural scents from your scalp to your toes. Although, personally I choose unscented scrubs for my face. You can use salt scrubs on your feet & knees but not anywhere else. 
3) Moisturize!! My preference is that you put dense butters and creams onto wet skin immediately after stepping out of the bath. You could use Shea Butter once a week and see magical results for the rest of the week. I keep several tins around the house for lips, face & hands before bed. If you want something that's easier to spread try my Double Rich Body Butter which is about 70% shea but far easier to spread on wet or dry skin. 
That's it! JUST DO IT! 

Do you have questions about my crazy skin care suggestions? Always feel free to get in touch on social media or by email. 

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