Double Layer Satin Bonnet - Leopard

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Ideal for curly or sensitive hair and suitable for all hair types, its smooth surface is the magic that makes you wake up a goddess every day, without frizz. Assorted prints in Queen Size and Standard sizes.

Famous among curly hair, this product category is suitable for all hair types. Curly, curly, wavy, straight, blonde, sensitive and even babies. Satin reduces frizz, saving you several day afters. The magic is the smooth surface of the pillowcase that does not cause friction, preserving the hair cuticles and preventing dehydration. The fame of the Satin Pillowcase category among curly ones is because it doesn’t undo the curls.

All products in this category are 100% made of polyester. Varied prints, with delicate, inspiring or more daring themes. Sleep beautiful and wake up goddess.