ellënoire Activated Charcoal Soap in a Tin

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Handmade in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

For shaving or hand washing on the go! Over the centuries charcoal has had many uses. Apart from being the perfect agent for barbequing your beef, it’s been included in explosives, used for water filtration, and helped many a great artist etch a masterpiece.

Why are we using charcoal in a soap?
Well, the cosmetic grade stuff – known as activated charcoal – is incredibly porous, acting a bit like a sponge for the grease, grime, pollution and other assorted impurities that sit on our skin. So porous is it, in fact, that a mere two grams has a surface area equivalent to that of an entire football field!

This unfeasibly large surface area allows it to draw impurities away from the skin through a process known as adsorption. Different from absorption, adsorption is where molecules or particles are bound to a solid – in this case the charcoal – rather than absorbed by it.

In fact, charcoal is so good at adsorption that it's able to attract up to 100 times its own weight in impurities, drawing gunk towards it in the way a black hole might swallow whole galaxies - gulp! So, you can see why this super-efficient detoxifier is so useful in skincare and why, in terms of grooming trends at least, grey really has become the new black.

Sucking up grease, grime and other impurities like a Hoover, this premium shaving soap, which combines our best shaving soap formula and cosmetic grade charcoal, is perfect for guys with greasy skin or those prone to spots and blackheads. This shaving soap is the perfect foundation to any man’s daily grooming routine.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut (cocos nucifera), Olive (olea europaea), and Organic Shea (butyrospermum parkii), Activated Black Charcoal, pure Essential oil