ellënoire Mandarin 100% Pure Essential Oil, 20 ml in a glass bottle with dropper top

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Mandarin essential oil is distilled from the fruit peel and has an intense, fresh scent. Mandarin blends well with other citrus oils.

ellënoire essential oils are bottled locally from our large selection of essential oils and oleo-resins.

Essential oils can be used a variety of ways: in oil diffusers for home scent, to make perfumes, or to scent cosmetics. If you don't see an oil that you want, let us know by sending an email to ellenoire@ellenoire.com and we will tell you if we have it in stock, or if we can order it in.

Please note: we do not advocate taking essential oils internally. Not only does the distillation process not guarantee our oils are food-grade, but many remedies recommend using too much oil. Ingesting large amounts of essential oils may be hazardous.

20ml/ .67 US fl oz dropper bottles. Price varies by oil.