BaByliss Pro - Fine Mist Sprayer

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Are you tired of using a dollar store spray bottle that you have to pump a million times just to wet one small area of hair? By the end of your day two refreshing your fingers ache and your hair is unevenly wet? 

This continuous spray bottle is a miracle worker. Use it to keep your hair wet on your day one styling or use it to refresh on day two and three. Either way you won't be let down. Pump just a few times and it sprays continuously. Need more water? Just pump a few more times. It comes out evenly and as a gentle mist rather than like a squirt gun.

This sleek 320 ml Bottle will spray an even mist with no propellant.

Easy to use, reusable and refillable! They also last forever if you treat them right! Just use water, we do not recommend adding any other products or oils as the sprayer may clog.