Anya's Garden Perfume 3.5ml

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Anya's Garden Perfumes are 100% real natural perfumes, made with organic neutral grain alcohol and pure and natural extracts of plants, ocean and soil materials.


- Royal Lotus: Fit for a king or queen. Royal Lotus has a sparkling citrus top, a heart of the rarest, most costly aromatics such as blue and pink lotus, night blooming jasmine, and a soft, velvety base of sandalwood, ambergris and tonka bean.

- Star Flower: Candy flower, dreamy and steamy, almond cherry and lemon and foodie seeds and chocolate make tuberose the star of Mexico, an edible, sexy delight

- Moon Dance: Tuberose seduces you under the full moon, and you are lost in the stars. Water mint, violet flower, jasmine sambac, opoponax and other stellar aromatics.