Salon Policies

In an effort to serve all our clientele to the best of our salon's abilities we have a few policies and rules that we request you familiarize yourself with before placing a booking. 


All appointments at the salon over $25 require a deposit of $40 if you book by phone or in person.

If you book online then the deposit is $1.50. This deposit will be applied against the value of your service or held over for your next booking. If you need to cancel your appointment your deposit may be refunded if you make contact with us within 24 or more hours notice however, this is at the discretion of the owner.
If you do not show up, we may charge the total value of your service.

If you have booked with a specific stylist but they become unavailable, our staff will do their best to advise you of this eventuality and we will replace your stylist for that appointment. If you arrive with your hair incorrectly prepared for your appointment we may be forced to reschedule you for another time resulting in the loss of your deposit. 

How To Prepare

For all bookings that involve a detailed cut and/or colour consultation we require you to follow a few instructions for your appointment to go as smoothly as possible. We do all haircuts dry so these requests are vital for giving you the best cut possible for your natural texture. 

  • Arrive approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and check in with our staff. 
  • Arrive for your appointment with your hair in its natural texture - curly or wavy - rather than straightened.
  • Make sure your hair is 100% dry down to the root.
  • Ensure your hair is NOT pulled back or stretched out.
    • This means NO: ponytails, clips, hats, headbands etc.
  • Remove all your knots and tangles from root to tip in the shower with conditioner 24 hours before your appointment. 
    • Do not try detangling your hair while dry on your way here!

If you arrive unprepared for your service we may be forced to reschedule you for another time resulting in the loss of your deposit. 

Strollers & Children

Unfortunately, due to space restraints, fire code compliance and ensuring that our salon remain fully accessible we are unable to accommodate strollers or unsupervised children under 5 years old at any time in the store or salon. If you choose to leave your child in our waiting area, please ensure you bring headphones for their electronic devices.


While we do not have reserved parking for our store or salon there is ample parking in the municipal lot behind our building - which now accepts credit as well as cash - or along the streets adjacent to the building. We recommend that when you pay for parking you purchase either the daily maximum or at least 3 hours to avoid rushing out with wet hair to feed the meter! 

Special Requests

If you require that we close off the salon while your hair is being cut out of respect to a religious observance we are more than willing to ensure your privacy during your visit. Please contact us after you have placed your booking and we will make note to prepare the salon for your appointment. 


If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or did not receive the service you were expecting from your visit to our salon, please get in touch immediately. While we are unable to offer full refunds for services, we are more than willing to ensure the reasonable satisfaction of all our customers. 


If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact our superstar staff and we will respond as quickly as possible.