Loofah Scrubber

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Before use, place in a bowl of near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes to rehydrate and soften. Each new Loofah will be fairly rigid, but you’ll notice easier handling after the first week of use.

🌎 REPLACE YOUR PLASTIC POLLUTION WITH A LOOFAH SOLUTION! - Say goodbye to stinky plastic sponges, nylon scrubbers, and steel wool once and for all!

🏡 INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - Effective on many different surfaces, both indoor and outdoor!
Some places we’ve used them so far:
Kitchen- Dishes, stovetop, oven & appliances, counters, cabinets, sink, dining table scrub-up.
Bathroom- cleaning: sink & tub, grout and baseboards; or body care (use different sponges for these uses!).

🌳 100% PLANT-BASED - Loofah scrubbers are made from 100% natural unbleached fibers from 'Luffa acutangula' climbing vines. Luffa grows quickly in tropical and subtropical climates (and yields within 3 months in temperate climates), which makes it a sustainable solution to the cleaning demands of your kitchen, bathroom, body and home. Two layers of Loofah are stitched together with cotton thread, with a cotton hanging rope attached.

🚯 100% PLASTIC-FREE - It’s environmentally critical to make the change to natural and eco-friendly products everywhere you can! These Loofah scrubbers are completely plastic-free, with a recyclable paper label & (optional) compostable cellophane wrapper made from wood pulp. Zero landfill waste with this product!

💪 DURABLE & ODOR-FREE - Each Loofah scrubber will last for 12+ weeks with regular use. To disinfect, place in boiling water for roughly 5 minutes. As the Loofah fibers soften with use, you can transfer your scrubber to a different task (from the kitchen sink to housecleaning duty, for example). After rinsing, use the cotton rope to hang dry over your faucet, or where the sponge can drain and moisture can evaporate. This helps you avoid bacteria, mildew, and bad smells.

♻️ BIODEGRADABLE & HOME-COMPOSTABLE - Once it’s time for your Loofah to officially retire: compost it! These natural fibers will completely biodegrade over time. You can help it along by cutting/shredding it if you wish.

✅ We LOVED how these scrubbers performed on silverware, bowls, plates, ceramic mugs & glassware, large knives, cutting boards, and stainless steel pots & pans!
⚠️ Spot test on delicate surfaces like baking sheets, nonstick pans, cast iron, and other delicate surfaces before scrubbing. Older, softer Loofah scrubbers are perfect for this kind of delicate dish duty, so save one from the compost bin and prolong its life!