ellenoire Exfoliate Everything Sugar Scrub

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Handmade in Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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Did you know that it is recommended that you exfoliate at least once a week? Exfoliating your face, your hands, your full body even is important to remove build up of dead skin cells which allows for moisture to penetrate into the skin. 

A raw sugar scrub for scrubbing everywhere from head to toe. Gentle enough for use on the face. Perfect for ingrown hair issues and sensitive skin. If you are struggling with an itchy or flaking scalp, you can use this scrub to remove the dead skin that causes the flakes and relieve the itching as well as promoting a healthy scalp.

Can be custom scented by special request, but we suggest you leave it unscented for use on the face.

Ingredients: Demerara Sugar (Saccharum Officinarum), Jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis) apricot kernel oil (Prunus Armeniaca)  grapefruit seed extract,( Citrus Grandis) aloe vera(Aloe Barbadensis ) , May contain fragrance (parfum) from pure essential oils.

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