DevaCurl DevaTwist™ Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel Wrap

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When you’re short on time and long on tasks, this towel wrap is your new bestie. The soft, microfiber fabric helps dry your curls without roughing them up like a terrycloth towel tends to do. Its roomy crescent shape is great for all curl types and securely fastens so you can do other things while your curls dry. Twist on, move on!

The DevaTwist is made of gentle microfiber fabric that is soft, absorbent, and hypo-allergenic. The “looped” texture of terrycloth can disrupt your curls by creating frizz. The soft, absorbent texture of microfiber is gentler and won’t rough up your curls.

Cotton is a natural fiber that saturates quickly and dries slowly, so it can hold on to bacteria and odours. It also wears out quickly and produces lint. Microfiber is a high-tech synthetic fabric that is durable and has a long lifespan. It can hold 7-8x its weight in water, dries quickly, and is lint-free

Our popular DevaTowel and DevaTwist are made of the same gentle, frizz-fighting microfiber fabric. The difference is in the design. The DevaTowel is a traditional, rectangular towel shape and the DevaTwist is designed to be wrapped and fastened around curls for hands-free drying.

Use the DevaTwist when you want to free up your hands to do other things while your curls dry. The DevaTowel is great for when you want to scrunch to remove excess water and enhance definition. Both are must-haves for your toolkit!