CurlyWorld Pik Me Up Hair Volumizing Piks

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Using Pik Me Up adds even volume with maximum root lift and a quicker drying process as it releases the wet hair of it's own weight. 

For a 2nd/3rd day root lift refresh, wet the Pik Me Up with water or apply Leave in Lover over the prongs and insert into the roots.

Each pack contains two Pik's. 


How to Pik Me Up

Gently place both piks on either side of the crown, facing each other.

Simultaneously insert Pik Me Up into your hair and slide over the perimeter of the scalp until they meet. Clasp them together and lock-in. 


During the drying process lift the hair by evenly rotating Pik Me Up around the perimeter of the scalp. 



Caution, Pik Me Up️ is not a toy, please keep out of reach of young children.