Trim Your Bill & Your Curls With Our Specialty Service!

Trim Your Bill & Your Curls With Our Specialty Service!

If you're used to the typical stylist refrain of: "you need a haircut every 6-8 weeks" then you're in for a surprise when you become an ellënoire salon client. 
Haircut frequency is dictated by only one person... You!
However, we would like to offer some timing suggestions for you. 

Using prescribed Curly Girl Friendly hair products & frizz control methods when you arrive for your first full service "Virgin" haircut we'll give you:

  • A detailed haircut consultation
  • A dry haircut
  • A wash
  • A condition and set
  • And finally we'll dry your hair using only diffusers & hood dryers.

That's it!
Come back when you want to for your next full service haircut at your leisure, if you return then you'll be considered a "Vixen Client" and your following cuts are a $10 savings from your first appointment. We don't mind if it's a year, 5 months, 3 years, 2 months... it's your hair, you decide. 

If you prefer to keep your hair at a similar length all the time or don't like dealing with the tangles that can happen without regular cuts and you are kinda too busy to spend time in the salon then we have a deal to tell you about. 

As long as we see you within 4 months of a full service haircut - Virgin or Vixen (consult, cut, wash, dry etc.) - THEN you can take advantage of our specialty Trim/Oxygenation service!  

Our Trim/Oxygenation service is designed to be a quick dusting trim that will get you in and out of our chair in 30 minutes or less for just $25. While we can't do any length, shape or style changes in this quick visit, rest assured your hair will be a breeze to style or detangle the next time you do it at home.

Some clients prefer to book a service every 3-4 months because they like the reliable convenience of the cut, trim, cut, trim pattern. As a result, they save time & lots of money over the year compared to what they used to be paying even in less expensive salons. Other clients of ours just choose to come for regular cuts once they catch themselves frustrated with their hair, it's all up to you. 

When it comes right down to it, if you feel like something isn’t working and you need to use a ton of styling product to make your hairstyle look good, or if your tangles are unmanageable, then you need some scissor time. If you want a length or shape change then book a full service haircut, if you just want a little freshening up & we've seen you in the last 4 months then book your trim service, today!


What about my colour?!
Our colour clients typically have regularly scheduled hair colour services so we develop a recurring cutting & trim schedule based on each clients needs. Let us know what you're looking to do and we'll work with you to keep your hair as you like it. 

Don't forget! 
With every paid salon visit you immediately qualify for 10% off any ellënoire branded product. So turn your salon day into a spa day and go home with one of our decadent handmade bath bombs or a new french pink clay face mask, explore the boutique for more!

Call today and book your trim!


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