Buy A Better Bath Bomb!

Buy A Better Bath Bomb!

As North American bathtubs have literally begun to EXPLODE with Bath Bombs we here at ellënoire thought it's about time we filled everyone in on our secrets from over 20 years experience in making these bath time delights and what sets us apart from your generic megamart product. 

Buy A Better Bath Bomb!

Over 20 years ago our customers told us that they loved the theatre that a bath bomb added to their routine however, the slightly harsh ingredients chosen were causing their skin to dry out! The solution? We added moisturizing natural oils and butters directly into the mixture to soothe and soften skin while you relax in your tub. No need for lotion afterwards, which is great for you lazy moisturizers! Winter is coming and your skin should be ready, healthy and soft for the drier months ahead.

Because we hand mix & press every one of our bath bombs individually in our Dundas store we get to choose the highest quality ingredients and customize the mixtures to meet every one of our customers needs. We include salts to detox and relax sore muscles, citric acid to lightly exfoliate and baking soda to soften your skin while natural oils and butters keep the moisture where it belongs! As with all ellënoire handmade products, our bath bombs are available with your choice of scent from 100's of essential oils, our amazing scent blends or even unscented.

You won't find any artificial fragrances here! 

Another benefit to having total control of our process is that we produce MONSTER sized 3" bath bombs which will fizz for as long as you choose to soak - at very competitive prices!
We dare you to compare our bath bombs to your favourite brand. Does your current favourite leave a sad trail of crumbs behind it? Maybe it's so brittle that if you accidentally knock it off your counter it splinters into a million tiny useless bits? We wouldn't be surprised if you told us it was twice the price and half the size!
Every batch of our bespoke bath bombs are subjected to a round of torture tests ensuring that your bomb will be ready for you whenever you reach for it while being just as perfect as the day you brought it home. Just don't try splitting one of our tiny wrecking balls in half as we've had reports of people breaking their sinks, nails, and tubs by trying to do so. If you only have time for a quick soak then give ellënoire Tub Fizz a try, it's the same wonderful mixtures that go into our Bath Bombs but in a safer pre-crumbled state.  

 ellënoire Bath Bombs

If you're ready to buy a better Bath Bomb then drop by our shop to see all the latest fragrances and creative designs. If you're too busy or far away then have a look at some of the regularly available scents in our online store

If you'd be interested in attending a DIY Bath Bomb workshop at our Dundas store then let us know in the comments below and sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss out when it happens!

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