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Uvenia Naturally Hydrated All-in-One Daily Moisturizer

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Uvenia Naturally Hydrated All-in-One Daily Moisturizer100 ml/ 3.38fl oz 

Handmade Locally by a small company in Burlington, Ontario Canada 

Unscented with no masking agents, Light weight and fast to soak in. 

Combat skin damage past and present, and prevent future with the Naturally Hydrated All-in-One Daily Moisturizer™. This daily moisturizer delivers nature’s best holistic skin protection, moisturizing, hydrating and lubricating the skin. Instantly repair dry skin and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier.

Naturally Hydrated All-in-One Daily Moisturizer™ uses Melanin’s powerful antioxidants to enhance the skin’s immunity and elasticity, leaving it feeling softer, more toned and looking radiant.

At Uvenia™, what is not in the products is as important as what is. Uvenia's proprietary formula is 100% pure, derived from plant extracts. Uvenia is free of synthetic chemicals and toxins, providing a safe and effective alternative for obtaining and maintaining healthy skin.

A non-exhaustive list of Uvenia's health and safety benefits includes:

• Safe for all skin types including Sensitive Skin
• Eco-friendly
• Never Tested on Animals
• Contains Melanin, a Natural UV Protectant

U-Pro Melanin+, Uvenia's proprietary melanin plant extract, offers strong and safe protection for the skin.