Aromas Naturales - Snore-No-More Marjoram Essential Oil Diffuser

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Aromas Naturales Marjoram has a balsamic fragrance and acts as a natural air purifier. Can help to prevent snoring, pairs well with eucalyptus, pine and lavender fragrances. 

Stop Snoring oil diffuser for the bedside to make snoring quieter or go away completely!

Natural Marjoram essential oil is great for relieving stress, hypertension, insomnia, sinus problems and headaches too! A bestseller!!

Put this little jar near where you sleep, open the lid and drift off. Your sleep will be better, and your snoring will go away or at least get quieter. Try it, we have been selling it for years to great reviews.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing, does not relieve symptoms of Sleep Apnea.


110ml/3.88 fl.oz jar