ellënoire Wrapped & Ready $15 Gift Package

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Handmade in Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Wrapped, Ready & Delivered! 

We offer you a shower version or a bath version. We know there are two different kinds of people!

Different Natural Scent options available:

  • Calm & Relaxing (Lavender & Friends)
  • Invigorating (Citrus & Friends) 
  • Unscented 
  • Custom Scented (we'll email you to discuss options) 

This perfect little gift includes: 

1 mini bag of Tub Fizz or 1 Shower Bomb

1 Lemon Cake or Delicious Hand Balm (similar products based on availability)  

1 aromatherapy inhaler (unscented version will get an unflavoured lip balm) 

1 Mini Handmade Soap 

For pick up, local delivery or worldwide shipping

We will do our best to get shipments where you need them to be. Most things in Canada and the US are taking 10 days or more due to  Covid19 delays.  

Each Gift will have it's own unique wrapping.