Clearance! ellënoire Curly Safe Hats - Kermit Green Cable Toque

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This snug little toque will keep your noggin nice and toasty while possibly resembling a Brussels sprout. 100% wool hand knit with care just like gramma' used to make, beautiful details that will leave your friends asking where they can get one too! 

The perfect mix of warmth and convenience, this item is sure to fit in any winter coat pocket as you never know what kind of weather might whip up after you set off for the day.  

Our Curly Safe Hats are handmade with different types of natural fibres for warmth, style and frizz protection whether your hair is dry or wet. Plus, they're usually one of a kind so you'll never have to worry about blending in on the ski hill.

One size fits most.
Hand wash in lukewarm water (~30°C), using a mild and gentle detergent & air dry flat.

Handmade in Burlington, Ontario exclusively for ellënoire.