Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Replacement Blades

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Dovo Shavette blades are made for use with the DOVO Shavette disposable blade straight razor. Made with a special perforation to make snapping them in half for use safe and easy. These blades will provide you with a close, smoother shave without the need for typical straight razor maintenance. These premium quality stainless steel blades are made specifically for the Dovo Shavette models. 

Since it was founded in Germany back in 1904, DOVO Solingen has established itself as the premiere manufacturer of high-end master-crafted razors, shavers and other grooming products for men. Solingen is called the "city of blades", since it has long been renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors made by famous firms like DOVO Solingen and numerous other manufacturers since the middle ages.

10 per pack