DevaCurl Curly Make Them Gel-ous kit

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Why You Need It

Free full-size Light Defining Gel! If that’s not amazing enough, this kit includes liter sizes of your favorite Original cleanser and conditioner so your curls will look gorgeous… and make all your curlfriends gel-ous!

Stylist Tip

Devachan stylist Dennielle

“For best results, take your gel into the shower! After conditioning and getting curls ‘ribbon-y,’ apply Light Defining Gel to soaking wet hair, scrunching lightly to distribute. Then take small sections and scrunch from ends to roots, squeezing tightly. Scrunch with the DevaTowel or a t-shirt to absorb excess moisture after applying styling products and then diffuse or air-dry.”

Dennielle, Devachan Stylist

Inside the kit

DevaCurl One Condition 32oz bottle

No-Poo® Original 32oz

Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser

DevaCurl One Condition 32oz bottle

One Condition® Original 32oz

Daily Cream Conditioner

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel 12oz bottle

Light Defining Gel 12oz

Soft Hold No-Crunch Styler