DevaCurl Curls Up, Combs Down Decadence Kit-DevaCurl products-ellënoire body, bath fragrance & curly hair

DevaCurl Curls Up, Combs Down Decadence Kit

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If you have curly or super curly hair that craves extra moisture and want versatility, then this the kit for you. With DevaCurl's Decadence cleanser and conditioner, as well as two different styling products, this versatile kit makes a great introduction to the DevaCurl line!


Set Contents

  • No-Poo Decadence, 8oz: This soothing formula, made with chufa milk and quinoa protein, gently cleanses without stripping away the natural oils your curls need while providing maximum moisture and nourishment for your hair and scalp.
  • One Condition Decadence, 8oz: This rich and creamy formula, made with chufa milk and quinoa protein, takes hydration to the next level by drenching your hair in deep moisture. You’re left with silky-soft curls that are easy to detangle and style.
  • SuperCream, 3oz: This rich, coconut oil infused styler gives you total freedom to express yourself with your curls. Whether you want to smooth, soften, shape, lengthen, moisturize, define, control, boost volume, twist-out, tame frizz, add shine or switch-up your look, SuperCream does it all.
  • Ultra Defining Gel, 8oz: This strong-hold styler surrounds your curls with a non-sticky, protective curl cast that sends frizz packing and defines your curl shape.

How to Use It

  • Work a generous amount of No-Poo Decadence throughout your scalp and massage with your fingertips. Make sure to rinse thoroughly by massaging your scalp.
  • Apply One Condition Decadence to wet hair and use your fingers to gently detangle your curls.
  • With SuperCream, less is more. Apply it in sections for thorough coverage. To lengthen curls, apply to wet hair in a downward motion. To get a tousled, airy look, apply to damp hair and shake at the root once dry to boost curls.
  • Apply Ultra Defining Gel between palms and glide through hair. Scrunch upward toward the scalp to define curls. Once dry, scrunch curls again to release the moisture-protective cast and reveal soft, beautiful curls.