Natural- ellënoire body, bath fragrance & curly hair
Natural- ellënoire body, bath fragrance & curly hair

Cootes Paradise Natural Scent

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Custom Blended Natural Fragrance

Handmade in Dundas from pure essential oils & jojoba oil

.35oz/10ml purple glass roller bottle

On a quiet Sunday afternoon in my little boutique in Dundas, Lily, the keyboardist from Cootes Paradise, settled in with tea & laughter to create a scent to match the mood of a walk in Cootes Paradise. Our goal was to choose fragrance notes that were gender neutral, universally appealing, light, & friendly. Natural fragrance in an oil base like this one wears very quietly, not creating the cloud of elevator-filling scent bombs most people are familiar with when they think of cologne or perfume. Only the people you welcome into your personal space will get to experience your scent. After a few hours of testing and rejecting scents from my selection of pure essential oils, we chose a blend of bright sweet citruses & deep woody notes. A top note of Calabrian Bergamot evokes the green leaves emerging in the spring; the Sicilian lemon & Argentinian Pink Grapefruit create a sweetheart note that elicits feelings of joy; and the Canadian Cedarwood creates depth & warmth, & gives the scent a finish that’s oddly familiar, like a hug from an old friend. Altogether the result is a unique, approachable scent that’s light enough for day use, but bright & sparkling enough for evening wear. We hope you enjoy the handmade local, co-creation by ellenoire & Cootes Paradise.