BaByliss Pro Hair Pins 6 pieces

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The worlds greatest bobby pins are back! When we first got these bobby pins in we were highly skeptical that they were any better than any other pin... Boy were we wrong. It blew our mind that these bobby pins good hold hair as well as they do. We have been dying to get these pins back in the store. This time they are available in a package of 6, 3 of the World's Best Bobby Pins and 3 super cute and fashionable hair pins with three colours, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. These bobby pins are the best bobby pins we have ever had in our salon. They are incredibly strong, and have amazing grip due to the way the grooves are designed. They will never slip you of your hair, and they will never bend out of shape like your regular bobby pins that you find at the drug store.  Use them for your up styles when you're going on a night out, to hold your bun in place, or even get your bangs out of your face. They will never let you down.