Clearance! Avanti Folding Diffuser

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A folding diffuser that fits virtually all dryers. Made of silicone that is heat resistant, it is cool to the touch even when you are using your dryer on high heat! This diffuser is designed to just slip over the nozzle of almost any dryer. It Distributes air evenly to maintain curl without frizz whether you are letting the curls rest in the bowl and bringing it to the root or you are just hover drying. This is the perfect partner for our travelling curly people! This diffuser is designed to pack exceptionally small  and it is incredibly light! Whether you have it to take on a big adventure or even just to the gym this is a reliable diffuser that will suit all of your curly hair needs. No need to drag a hair dryer around with you! Just unfold this compact diffuser and slide it over the nozzle of any gym or hotel hair dryer.