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Like no other pre-shave you've ever seen before. Water-soluble rather than oil based this pre-shave treatment hydrates and swells the beard prior to shaving, leaving a 'slip' which allows the blade to guide over the contours and any imperfections of the skin to give a close and protective shave.

Ideal for those who experience razor burn, have ingrowing hairs, tough growth or just prefer a close and speedy shave. After showering or washing the face, pat dry and apply a small amount to the area to be shaved prior to applying the shaving cream. The water-based formulation will not leave your vanity or your blades sticky nor allow any oil residue to be picked up by your shaving brush which could compromise the performance of your shaving brush.

Castle Forbes The Pre-Shave is free from parabens, fragrance and colours. No animal products or animal testing.

150ml - Unscented

Made in Britain.