Rebels Refinery

Well you don’t have to use Rebels Refinery. You don’t have to use any skin care at all if you don’t want to. We think our fathers actually used a bar of soap on their faces and they were just as handsome as ever. But, if you do want to use skin care we’ll let you know why we think we have a pretty great offering.

Firstly, we’re always going to do our best to include the highest quality natural and organic ingredients at the best prices.

The other reason to grab one of our products is that our formulas include active ingredients that actually have an effect on the skin; they are added to a product to carry out an action. Our active ingredients have been scientifically proven to deliver fast acting, visible results. If your skin care doesn’t include active ingredients then you might as well be putting olive oil on your skin. Sexy times. Our formulas will encourage cellular renewal, protect your skin from the environment, stimulate production of new collagen, clear blocked pores and remove dead skin cells. This will enhance your skin’s elasticity, texture and firmness. Sounds fancy.

To conclude: we’re just trying to provide the best, most effective natural ingredients (sourced locally whenever possible) in packaging that isn’t embarrassing. You might even feel cool using it. Bonus. If you do decide to go with us thank you so much. If you don’t, no harm no foul. Cheers.