Vermont Soap iZaroma Natural Toilet Freshener

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Izaroma combines the power of alcohol with REAL botanical essences. Not everyone cleans their toilet every day. Use Izaroma to keep your toilet FRESH between cleanings.

Directions for use: Izaroma your toilet seat and bowl daily. Lightly spray seat and general area and allow to evaporate or wipe off. Inhibits germs and smells aromalicious!

Deep clean: Spray thoroughly, wait 30 seconds and wipe clean. Repeat and allow to evaporate off.

Scent Descriptions:

Berry: Fruity uplifting natural berry. Great for teens!

Tundra: Cool and clean; like a breath of Arctic air

Yukon: Take a walk through pine woods in the wintertime

Outback: Spicy bold freshness as big as down-under