Help Us Celebrate our 25th Anniversary on Cyber Monday!

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Help Us Celebrate our 25th Anniversary on Cyber Monday!

That's right! 25 Amazing Years! 

Just in time for Christmas of '94 I (Noëlle) started ellënoire with a dream, a couple of gallons of shower gel, some lotion and 11 fragrance and essential oils. After a lot of work and even more dreaming, ellënoire has grown over the last 25 years to become the elegant retail boutique, online store and very busy naturally curly hair salon that you all know and love!

I started the company in my living room at the insistence of an old friend who was a little tired of me talking about soap, perfume & my dream store every time we went shopping. I used to drag her into every store that sold anything scented or had beautiful packaging and force her to endure my lengthy & detailed stories (if you've spent any time around me, you know what I mean) about other inspiring stores I'd visited around the world and what I loved about them. I was a waitress in Toronto, I was in a miserable living situation, I was nursing a broken heart from a recent breakup and I needed a fresh start and she knew it!

I managed to scrape some money together & order a few things to fill a tiny shelf in the corner of my living room. I hosted a small party to introduce ellenoire to friends and family and to celebrate my 28th birthday. I made all my first sales to businessmen at the bar I was working at. Many of them helped me understand how to start a legitimate business in the first place, and knowing they spent more time at the bar than at the mall shopping for their wives, they were easy targets to sell to. I created custom blended scents & romantic body oils & soaps and such then wrapped them in their wives favourite colours then simply repeated the process at Valentine's Day and that's when I knew I could really make something of this idea. ellënoire was part time for a little while, but became a full time venture in 2000 and I've never regretted it! 

Well, maybe that's not entirely true, every year in late in December I generally curse that old friend for pushing me into doing this because I am more tired than I ever thought possible. She just laughs and knows I'll be back at it the following year as always. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion we're throwing an extra special Anniversary/ Cyber Monday Sale and Giveaway. 

We are giving away 2 incredible gifts on our social media channels (links are below) while also putting our gift cards on sale on the website, so grab what you need to help you save through the year! 

To be eligible to win this fabulous giveaway, you must follow us on facebook, instagram or pinterest and find the posts about the giveaway. 

We are closed today, since it's Monday, and it's my 53rd birthday so I'll be hiding somewhere warm where the chocolate is plentiful. So please, put your feet up and shop from home or wherever the day finds you as we're making today's sale all about our online shoppers! Today's special Cyber Monday discount is on one of the best gifts of all, choice! For a very short 24 hours we're knocking 25% off all our gift cards. Get that special someone on your list (or yourself, we won't tattle) a gift card for 25% off face value today only! This sale starts Monday, December, 2 at 12:01AM and ends Monday, December 2 at 11:45PM.


Cyber Monday Starts Now!

These cards are redeemable for everything under our roof: Salon Services, Handmade Soaps, Hair Product, Home Fragrance, Luxury Shaving Goods, you name it!

In store or online this card will get you whatever it is you're looking for. Which means you could also buy one for a local friend, or send one to your bestie on the other coast! If you're feeling old fashioned or want to wrap this gift up to give in person as a physical card just say the word, and we'll get it to you ASAP.

Get Your Gift Card Now!

Use Code "25YEARS"  at checkout to get your 25% off! 

Expect to receive your code within 36 hours or so of your purchase if you're checking out online. And remember, our retail location is closed on Monday, so this one is online only!


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